Friday, February 29, 2008

As I woke up this morning. There was a familiar tune ringing in my head. It said, "I feel good, ta da ta da, I feel good, ta da ta da. So good, ta ta, so good, I feel good, ta rum pum pum."

Although I did step in to a dirty puddle today with my pretty, dainty heels on. Even though, some dear ones are angry. Even though, I'm doing some damn boring work. Even though I have a pimple "erupting" on my forehead. Even though some cats around meaow at me.

I feel good.
And I can feel the universe adjusting its frequency. I can hear it singing that tune back to me... ta da ta da.... I feel good.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost in #heaven

The sunlight sliced through the dark,
exploding into a million twinkling #stars,
dancing upon the surface,
like mischievous little imps,
enticing me to play.

The white foam rushed ashore,
like an escaped convict out to meet its lover,
shortly apprehended and returned to the blues,
leaving behind a fleeting impression of its visit,
beckoning me away from the shore.

The wind was gentle,
wandering into my ear,
singing and whistling a melody,
carrying the scent of salt and sea,
lulling me to a sense of calm and security.

And so I tread into the beautiful crystal blue,
felt the unfaithful sand
beneath and between my toes,
the waves lapping at my feet,
excited to meet me at last,
the sunlight kissing my skin,
warming my senses,
the wind rejoicing in my ear,
sifting its hand through my hair,
as I found heaven on earth.

But I snapped out of my reverie,
for the wind was dead,
the sunlight was eclipsed,
and the waves were celebrating another victory.

I couldn’t swim,
for panic and fear swam in my mind instead.
The murky depths
blocked the tiniest ray of hope.
A few fishes swam by
mocking my incompetence.
The waves laughed at my struggle,
as it pulled at my feet.
The sudden silence announced the inevitable.