Tuesday, September 09, 2014

“If there is #paradise on Earth, it is here, it is here.”

These famous words are engraved on the pages of history. But the fate of the beautiful valley has been anything but heavenly since the last few decades. #Terrorism rises and ebbs away, rearing its ugly head sporadically, leaving the populace in constant state of uncertainty. #Kashmir is now in the clutches of nature’s wrath. The worst #floods in 60 years have terrorised the residents yet again.

More than 200 people are reported to have died. With the phone towers down, panic has struck hard as those who are stranded and those unable to locate their loved ones desperately seek information. Efforts are being made to bring the telecommunication back online. Apps have been being created to help locate people. Air force choppers and transport aircrafts are working around the clock carrying men, boats and medicines. The army boats are rescuing people from the inundated regions. Naval commandos have been mobilised for the first time ever. Medical camps have been set up to treat the injured. About 68 Relief camps are operative in #Jammu. A control room has been set up to monitor flood relief operations. Goonj and many other NGOs are collecting relief material to be provided to the victims. Around 47,000 people have been rescued till now. The brave teams of the army, the air force,  the #NDRF and the navy have the blessings of thousands of survivors.

The water is slowly receding. The situation is stabilising. But some will never see another day. Some will thank their stars for surviving. And some will bear the scars of this flood on their souls forever. It is ironic and sad that this paradise and its residents have truly seen hell on Earth. Again and again.

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