Monday, August 24, 2015

#Another fine day

It was a fine day indeed, when three of us food-loving women planned our lunch at #Another fine day located in MPD Towers on the #Golf course Road. A tiny restaurant with a basic interior, it didn’t look as fine as the name suggested. But...

The menu seemed more than just fine. We ordered three red wine #Sangrias for ourselves and French fries for the two little menaces we had tagged along. My son Ahren and my friend’s son Avi. While they were busy with their ketchup and fries, the three of us sipped our sinful Sangrias and gossiped.

A mezze platter was presented to us in beautifully painted, white-and-black bowls together on a tray. Batter-fried calamari, fat discs of falafel, creamy chicken scallops stuffed with olive, cigar-shaped spring rolls filled with cheese, bright green salad, creamy hummus and little pita triangles. Yum!

For the kids we ordered pasta in arabiatta sauce. It was too spicy. But the staff willingly refurbished the pasta in a milder sauce which the kids devoured happily. As a mother, I will definitely return to a place that makes happy accommodations for my child’s taste and whims.

Then we ordered two #chicken steaks in mushroom sauce with a side of sautéed veggies and potato wedges.

It was simply sensational. As I cut into the steak, gooey cheese oozed out to my utter delight. The steak itself was cooked perfectly, juicy and pliant. The veggies lacked a little seasoning but as I drowned them in the mushroom sauce, it didn’t matter anymore. And, as if the alcohol, cheese and chicken weren’t enough, we decided to sweeten the day a little more.

But all the good things take time. The fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce took a while. But it was worth the wait. The chocolate brownie arrived in style in a fat glass jar. The dark decadence beckoned our taste buds and we dived in. And there was absolute happiness in the world.

As the bill appeared, the sweetness remained. Reasonable at Rs3700 and scrumptious as proved above. It was an ideal meal.

It was a fine, fine day, and so very sweet.

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