Thursday, September 28, 2006

#Joy vs #happiness

We keep looking for happiness.
Thinking it’s not to be found in less.
We look for it everywhere.
Hoping we’ll chance upon it somewhere.
Maybe in a shopping mall or a restaurant.
In a cinema hall or a new car.
But when we have it all.
Happiness is still far beyond.

Then grief and sadness come along.
Making life a sad, lonely song.
So you cry and crib for the happiness you never found.
Instead grief is what lurks all around.
Just let the sadness take its time.
Let the grief play with you for a while.
Because when they are gone.
You’ll know happiness is not what you want.
It was joy you had been looking for.
And it will come… as a titanic wave,
and overwhelm you in its embrace.
Telling you, it never left your side.
You were busy looking for happiness – unfaithful and over-priced.


gee! said...
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puru_lala said...

Still people tend to choose happiness over joy
Not a thought with which one should toy
Cheers to you for making me notice an order this tall
Don't mind the lines, i'm art, not copy after all

Sparsh said...

I am quite taken aback by your clarity of thoughts. It does take gr8 insight to understand the difference between the two and to really know what we are always craving for.

Am glad I came here. Keep writing. am gonna be lurking around:).