Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Waiting for the moon

Festivals mean great food… and pure indulgence. Except Karva Chauth. Of course, I was all excited about my first Karva Chauth. A chance to get all dressed up and being the centre of attention. And it’s not just me. All women love dressing up… even if they are headed for Lajpat Nagar for mehendi on their hands.

The night before Karva, I thought to myself, “I’m going to put so much effort into this day. Starving myself, staying thirsty all day long for the long life and happiness of my husband.” My feministic side reared its head and whispered, “Ask him to fast with you.” I did ask. His reply?
“Hmmmmm. Main soch raha hun,” …..long pause…… “ki main kal se kam khana khao. I’ve been eating too much.”

Now I think it was quite funny. But at that time, I just rolled my eyes and slept off.

Anyway, my first Karva started with some heavy-duty food at 4… in the morning. At such an ungodly hour, I was standing in the kitchen trying to stuff myself for the day. The quiet and the dark spooked me. I kept turning around to catch a ghost behind me. So I kept whispering a prayer lest I get possessed or something

When the lovely breakfast was done, I went to bed, only to find that sleep has deserted me! All I did was toss and turn, drink water, think about what clothes to wear tomorrow, matching jewellery, sandals, bindi…..

I dozed off.

Morning came with a parched throat and a grumpy stomach. It definitely was a test of will. I couldn’t stop thinking of water all day long. How it’ll feel running down in my throat. Thankfully, evening arrived, with me getting ready for the katha. Dressed in a jazzy pink and blue sari and my heaviest jewellery (how vain we women are), I sat for puja. Of course, I was the only one who was ignorant about the karva chauth story. So it was all very novel to me.

Then, it was time to wait. The Moon was acting pricey, taking its own sweet time to show up.
8 pm… 8: 30 pm… 8:45 pm… the moon peeped from the behind the trees and my husband walked in from work. How lovely, I thought, both the moon and husband arrived at the same time. Then I quickly performed all rituals including touching my husband’s feet. Of course, I didn’t let any camera capture the “feet touching” act itself.

Now, that the fast was over. It was time for indulgence. And let me tell you, water never tasted as sweet and wonderful before. And as far as food was concerned, it was hogging redefined.

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Monika said...

this post takes me back to my first karvachuath 3 yrs back :) ur feelings have summedup exactly what i went thru... i love the festival and the feminist in me hates it... but still i got thru it with quite some enthu... and in in the end of it its only the water quench that troubles... never mind couple of years and u'lll be used to it...

the katha is something is totally enjoy as a kid i used to go with my mom to see all that thali rotating and stuff it leaves me totally amused...