Monday, February 12, 2007

The hazards of love

It’s a precious thing.
This feeling of love.
Don’t you give it away for free.
A beggar you might become.

A beautiful thing it is.
This experience of love.
Brings out the saint in you
and the loser too.

It’s as thrilling as thrilling can be.
This rush of love.
You damn the whole world to hell
and become the gatekeeper.

It’s profound.
This age-old matter of love.
It takes you to incredible depths
until you drown.

It’s a fool’s creation.
A crazyman’s vendetta.
Invented by the idle.
Promoted by the romantics.
This love and its hazards,
I’ve had enough of.


Monika said...

nice one ends a little sadly though :(

Sparsh said...

Wow! who could have said it better:)