Friday, March 14, 2008


#Snowhite hair pinned in a neat knot,
lines of laughter, pain, sadness, joy
engraved upon her #fair skin,
gold-rimmed #spectacles upon her nose,
two ear drops twinkle at her lobes,
a slim gold bangle adorns her hand,
a tiny black dot between her brows.

Chewing upon a little clove,
smelling of a fragrant talc,
clad in pastel shades
of whole nine yards,
a cutsleeve blouse
to ward off the heat,
she walked up to the door
with quick, eager steps.

Her lips stretch in a soft, beautiful smile,
the wrinkles adding to her grace,
she descends the stairs,
like an #angel, draped in blue,
she looks like a lost someone,
someone dear to my heart.

I start to stoop for a hug,
a hug I can’t forget,
the air whooshed out from my lungs,
my ribs cracked in protest,
frail she may be to look at,
years of work have made her tough.
She thumps my back with strong hands
expressing her joy at my sight,
I’m stunned at the #love she emanates
thoughts desert my brain,
I smiled and touched her feet
and she enfolds me in her arms
in another loving embrace.

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Upasana said...

This is so sweet!