Monday, June 30, 2014

#Tomorrow is the end.

Tomorrow I will begin. I will be more #disciplined.  Tomorrow, I will write this article. Tomorrow I will get that tattoo although I’m yet to pick a design. I will do so tomorrow. I will get in touch with my long lost music teacher, tomorrow. Oh and I will follow my dream tomorrow as well. Yes. I think my life will be all sorted. Tomorrow.

The most intelligent beings on the planet, we, #humans, have the uncanny ability to be in denial--our favourite defence mechanism. You might say I’m talking about #procrastination above. Yes, that too. But where does this procrastination originate? In denial that our tomorrows are finite. Logically we know this but in our actions we behave like we are immortal.

We all know, one day we are going to die. Whether our #soul is going to become one with the #cosmos, or we are going to #reincarnate as some ugly-looking organism or whether energy will simply change forms, I have no idea. Nevertheless, this form is going to not exist one day. And therefore, this knowledge should ignite in us a drive to be immortal in our actions.

And yet, we continue to delay living. We wait for tomorrows and day-after-tomorrows to arrive so we can further postpone the experiences that we crave. Why do we do that? Maybe there are other supposedly more important things, maybe we are scared of stepping out of our comfort zones or maybe we are just lazy. We are living as if we can borrow another tomorrow from a #bank if we run out of them.

Every morning and every night, we ought to remind ourselves, at the risk of scaring the s*** out of us, that we are not #immortal (unless we do something worthwhile while we are mortal). All our dreams—silly ones and the ridiculously big ones--are meant to be fulfilled today. Tomorrow is for dreaming up new, outrageous #dreams.

My friends, tomorrow is almost here, and so is the end. 


Meenakshi,wish to improve every second! said...

Beautifully expressed !!!

Abhishek Dalmia said...

That was powerful Aakriti! Very succinct. Very hard hitting! Very well written! Keep it up!!

- Abhishek

Abhishek Dalmia said...
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Lalit Khubchandani said...

Great AAkriti. excellent. impressed and motivated.

aakriti said...

Thanks guys for taking the time to read it and to comment. It's very encouraging. :)

Kunal Goyal said...

Gosh!! It seems everything came straight from the heart... Well done Aak.