Monday, February 01, 2010

The centre of my #world
I dream about you every night
Your eyes twinkling at me with delight
As you crawl along
And flash me a #toothless smile

I dream about your eyes
Will they be hazel or black
Will you sport a mound of brown curls
Or strands of silky black

Should I buy you a blue jacket
Or will you be my #pink bundle of joy
Will you be my #Noah or #Eve
A little angel or a mischievous #boy

Will you be a fair heartbreaker
Or a dusky snooty #beauty
Would you like #chocolates or apple pie
Will you be stubborn or pliant

Will you have a chin with a playful cleft
Or a smooth small jaw like mine
Would you sing like me
Or be a smooth talker like your pa

It’s hard to wait
My little one
Although I’m scared of #labour
I’m excited to make acquaintance with you
To hold you in my arms
And love you
To be the centre of your #universe
As you will be mine


spill over said...
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Upasana said...

This is so touching and seems to have come straight from the heart. Really lovely! Wish you all the very best!

smita said...

very touching,beautiful,and straight from the heart...all the best!

shveta said...

i remember the time wen i used to drive u to work...making sure to dodge those potholes on the roads
will miss the time i could have gone for a walk with ur baby in my arms having the same protective feeling i had for u...
I feel the joy and excitment for the addition in the family...
but i also feel sad for not being able to welcome ur baby into this world with you...
love u sister..and kiss and hug ur baby all those extra times from me once he/she is with us
mmmuuuaaaah :)