Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Do you know her?

Her #smile dazzles the shining sun
shadows steer clear of her
her feet venture farther and bolder 
she wants to be an #explorer
she chatters with passersby
all are just #angels in disguise
she hides n seeks with abandon
her heart knows no caution

Her smile dimmer than watts five
she escapes the limelight 
her feet shy and taciturn
she sticks to known nooks and turns 
She scorns every kind word
Asmodeus* skewed her world
she knows better than to play games
caution is now her middle name

Don’t turn a blind eye
Don’t save face
Don’t say it happens 
Don’t look away

She is a #sister, a #child
She is now a #mother, a #wife
She is a 'he' for all I know
God forbid it happens to someone you know

*Asmodeus - The demon of Lust (of inappropriate sexual desires)

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