Sunday, August 03, 2014

A bizarre #love letter

My dearest #Coccyx*,

I know I’ve taken you for granted. Please don’t be upset with me. I was just being adventurous. I did not know you will get hurt.

Without you, my life has come to a standstill. Music seems bland. Dancing without you is no fun. Going out with friends is impossible without you. Food has become a sin since I lie all day like a slob. Even the idiot box doesn’t distract me as your absence constantly invades my reverie. My car stands idle, waiting for an excursion to the mall or someplace exciting. Romance has deserted me for pain is now my constant companion. The outdoors beckon each day but I look away in resignation. For without you indoors/outdoors are evil vacuums mocking my immobility.

I have a new best friend. It’s called a doughnut #pillow, with a cover that says “invalid ring”. Seeing that was as shocking as being informed that I have #fractured you. I am supposed to carry the insipid orange doughnut everywhere so I can sit. It is not a very flattering accessory. If you don’t come back soon, I might have to bedazzle it. So please make haste. I promise I will never ever, ever, ever take you for granted again. I truly love you, with all my being.

PS: I hope when you come back, you will be stronger so we can glide again. The #ice-skating ring awaits. And this time, my dear Coccyx, I will protect you from all harm.

Yours lovingly,

*Coccyx- the tail bone.


Ritika said...

Hahahahhaha!!!! I loved reading every bit of this!!!! This is soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!! Way to go Akriti!!! P.S: Get well soon!!!

aakriti said...

Thanks Ritika. :)