Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#Dark and bitter

Frequently, in a couple’s life, both or either of them look back and see only regret and disappointments. Most of these regrets and disappointments stem from the belief, “What should have been”. This tenet originates from the constant comparisons we make with the lives of other #couples, which is a confirmed, non-refundable ticket to #marital hell. Piggybacking on this comparison is the common excuse that my Kismet is rotten. And bada-boom goes the universe.

Every couple I know struggles with their own unique set of issues. Each couple is as different as an 80% cocoa #Lindt and a #Milkybar. But each one of them insists on comparing themselves to that orange peel chocolate or that chilli chocolate. Imagine a Milkybar saying I want to be a dark chocolate with a shot of chilli. And since it cannot be, for obvious reasons, it makes itself miserable. It begins to hate its white colour, its sweetness, its packaging, its milkiness and even its name. We all are like that Milkybar gone berserk.

We want to be like that couple because we suddenly don’t like who we are. Her husband buys her things without her asking for it. Why can’t you do that? She makes non-veg for him at home even though she is vegetarian. Have you ever made such a sacrifice for me?  She is such a great home-maker, unlike you. He is always holding her hand. He always walks with her, not ahead of or behind her. They both are such a spontaneous and lively couple. Why are we so dull? And.......................
I’m sure you can extend this paragraph to infinity with your own personal comparisons and complaints.

Have you ever considered that the other Milkybars out there think you are the coolest couple around and they aspire to be you? Or they want something that you have but they never can? Since the Milkybars and the dark #chocolates and everything in between know that their taste, colour and packaging is a result of their ingredients, the chocolate world is at peace. If you realised and accepted that your marriage is a product of who the two of you are, you would never make another comparison. Because if you are the milk and he is the sugar, you cannot be a chilli chocolate. Unless you want to add a third ingredient called polygamy or polyandry, which is of course illegal.

So be happy being a Milkybar. Make yourself milkier and sweeter, if you want. If you just want to be dark and bitter. Well, tough.


Vineeta Sharma said...

Hey, Great writing Akriti...It's funny when I see young girls setting their standards for a man who can give them all in the world. We forget that our life itself is a temporary phase...we will pass away and sorry to say nothing goes with us when we die.
When people compare themselves with the other couple they often forget that we all come with our own little baggage and no one is without worries and issues. Its just life and that's how it is. Love and only love stays in this world.

aakriti said...

well said binni. since wen did u start callin me akriti?? :P