Wednesday, May 17, 2006

‘The #Da Vinci Code’ Furor

I am a big movie buff. When I read The Da Vinci Code, I was absolutely fascinated. And when I heard they are making a movie on it, I knew I had to watch it. I am not a Christian. By religion, I am a Hindu, not a staunch one though. My theory is, ‘There is God for sure”. That’s it. Religion is not my forte really. But, I love reading about controversial points of view (religious or non-religious). For the simple fact that they broaden one’s thinking. There is another possibility out there, no matter how notorious or incredible.

Well, getting back to the issue. I’ve been looking forward to watching The Da Vinci Code. I’ve been nagging my husband crazy, “Let’s go book the tickets beforehand. I want to watch the movie on the first day”. Well, today morning I woke up to find out, to my disappointment and disdain, that the Christian community in Goa is demanding an all-India ban of the movie!! They say it’s an insult to their religion. It’s a threat to Christianity. I can only say one thing …It’s just a movie for God’s sake! And if I remember correctly, you’ll find Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ only in the fiction section of all bookstores in all countries. It’s just an expression of thought, probabilities and open mindedness. It's not fact. Atleast, not yet.

Let the movie be screened. If you don’t want to, don’t watch it. Advise your Christian fellowmen to stay away from the cinema halls. If somebody you know still wants to see it? Hey! It’s a democratic country. If you can’t entertain the idea that maybe Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and that his bloodline still exists. Fine, don’t give any credit to the thought. But for god’s sake, don’t assume that everyone else is equally close- minded.

A new thought occurred to me just now. Even if, Jesus Christ was married to Miss Magdalene and had children, does it change the fact that he performed miracles and that he left the world with many beautiful ideas, the 10 commandments and abundant hope?
Sure, many priests and monks will find themselves confused and troubled if Dan Brown’s theory was proven correct. But that’s not the end of Christianity, is it? Christ will still be worshiped and remembered in history as the one who brought God’s words to mankind. So what if he got married and had children?

Of course, there are other political reasons, I might add, to this furor. The ‘Vatican’ (see ‘political’) reasons I mean. But, I am talking to the Christians who just care about their faith in Christ. I don’t think a fictitious movie can shake the faith of millions across the world. Anyway, most people have read the book or are aware of the theory already. What more difference will a movie make? Let it release in peace.


Harjee Kapur said...

people with a strong faith cannot be moved by movies.
the ones making a noise are the ones who are insecure...

the movie is out but cannot get any tickets :-(

puru_lala said...

You know after watching the movie,
I wish they had banned it. It would have saved us the torture of watching the bore-a-thon

keyvez said...

Even though I am pretty open minded about all this. I think that the objection of Christians is not without basis.

The portrayal of Mary Magdalene as The Holy Grail shatters more Christian beliefs than we can imagine. Things like Women being allowed to preach in most Christian churches, the fact that Jesus chose a woman to lead and guide humanity would not be welcome by conservative Christians.

Even though I would not be surprised if Jesus Christ ever married Mary Magdalene resulting in the Merovingian dynasty superseding the Vatican and Christian Church in power, I agree that Da Vinci Code can safely be put in the Fiction Isle for now.