Thursday, May 25, 2006

The #veil

Today morning, as I was headed for work, I saw a little girl on a scooter, sitting between her mother and father. The mother was in a #‘Burkha’ and the girl was too young to wear one. And I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl’s fate, and felt anger and contempt for the people who suppress #women in the name of religion. So, I decided to pen down my anger.

Didn’t #God make the air
so I could feel it swirl through my hair?
Didn’t God send the rain
so I could wash away my pain?
Didn’t God create the sun
so I could smile up at it and say life is fun?
Or, did God make all this for my father
and forgot all about his daughter?

Didn’t God make the hills
so I could climb them for a thrill?
Didn’t God create the seas
so I could swim as long as I please?
Didn’t God plant the trees
so I could climb them with glee?
Or, did God grant all this freedom to my brother
and forgot all about his sister?

Didn’t God give me the brains
so I could be someone, someday?
Didn’t God grant me a voice
so I could stand up for my choice?
Didn’t God gift me a heart
so I could desire, wish and want?
Or, did God gave it all to my husband
and forgot all about his wife?

God knows how I long to soak in the sunlight,
to dance in the rain and delight,
to become what I always dreamed of,
to take on every challenge that life brings on.
God knows how I long for the day,
when I can throw these chains away.
God knows how I long for the day,
when I can throw my veil away.


Harjee Kapur said...

u rhyme much better than you think...

Harjee Kapur said...


sparsh said...

I like that you can be so honest about your feelings

gee! said...
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gee! said...

simple and profound. tough one to achieve.

puru_lala said...

My apologies madam, it's too well written, a tale
Can't think of anything stupid to say even after having ale