Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My #parallel #universe
#Richard Bach said that every life has many parallel universes. I wonder what I’m doing in my parallel universe right now.

Am I also writing on this page
or am I on a totally different scale?
Am I Cinderella living amongst evil
or am I Medusa who is an epitome of evil?
Am I even a Homosapien
or am I a horrid looking alien?
Am I popular and smart-mouthed
or am I someone who no one cares about?
Am I a girl all sweet and coy
or am I a mean, shameless boy?
Am I living an illusion
Or am I a soul who’s found illumination?
Can anyone tell me when
these questions will end?

Have I grown up to be a musician
or am I still a kid playing a physician?
Have I found the love of my life
or am I a non-believer who’ll stay single all her life?
Have I visited the prison twice or thrice
or am I Miss Goody-two-shoes never been fined?
Have I traveled the world
or have I already discovered the universe?
Have I driven a Ferrari yet
or have I not learned to drive yet?
Have I understood the reason of my existence
or am I still living without a stance?
Have I found satisfaction in life
or am I still looking for more out of life?
Can anyone tell me when
these questions will end?


Harjee Kapur said...

cant say anything more... i'll spoil the compliment...

sparsh said...

tell me if you find your answers. i am a confused soul

gee! said...

the moment you try too hard to rhyme, the poetry loses its soul. unconditional love was better. because the effortlessness showed.

puru_lala said...

These are the kind of questions one may never find the answers to but just for the record (to end a few of your confusions, based on my experience)

you're not at all a girl, all sweet and coy
but neither are you a mean and shameless boy
You will have indeed found the love of your life
And it'll be me who may stay single all his life
I believe in the world I have and I don't want to go any further
But I sure know I am dating angelina jolie in the parallel other

Aoni said...

Im not to sure how to answer your cry...
But for your sake lemme at least give it a try..

Perhaps its all about who you choose to be..
A fighter, a survivor a boy or a she..

Don't you think its all insignificant..

After all, every single life is so very different

It doesn't matter what happen there..
Don't sit and ponder, don't even care..

Worry rather about what you are in this life..

Live on with those dreams, joys and strife..

But live you life sweets cherishing those smiles and tears...

What really matters...is all really here!!!

Aoneha :))